10 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Office Chairs

1. Charles Darwin Was The First To Add Wheels To An Office Chair

The infamous naturalist and biologist wanted to be able to move around in his office more easily and he came up with the idea of adding wheels to his office chair. Although it is a common accessory to office chairs now, in the 1800’s it was completely unheard of. At that time there was no thought of how an office chair might improve mobility or comfort but the wheels proved to be highly effective.

In the modern era of ergonomic office chairs almost always have wheels and although there may not be significant movement in them, the wheels still allow for more fluid movement in a workstation. In fact, having wheels on an office chair is now so common that most would find it unusual and even awkward to have an office chair without wheels.

2. Advancements In Chairs For Barber’s Advanced Faster Than They Did For Office Chairs

Long before any major advancements were made in office chairs, the chairs found at a typical Barber was able to recline, it could revolve 360′, it raised up and down and even had hydraulic mechanisms built-in. These advancements gave the barber considerably more flexibility when tending to their client. The advancement in the chairs used for Barbers led to engineers making chairs more advanced for dentists and for seamstress but the office chair remained largely unimproved.

It wasn’t until the 20th century that an American designer made the first advanced office chair. They became somewhat popular in America but in Europe and other parts of the world, these new chairs remained unpopular. It was believed by many business owners around the world that comfort was not a priority. It was also believed that if someone was too comfortable they might not be as productive. Americans, however, believed that if the chair was more comfortable then the employee would spend more time sitting in it and this would lead to increased productivity.

3. An Office Chair Is One Of The Most Used Pieces Of Furniture Used In The Office

We may think of computers or pens or staplers as the main tools that get used in an office job. But the fact is the average office worker spends six and a half hours or more sitting in their chair and that makes it the most used piece of furniture and tool in an office. There are some studies that suggest that if an office chair is less comfortable it leads to the employee getting out of it more often and this reduces productivity. In the modern era, it is seen as more healthy to stand up and get out of the chair a bit more often but when the employee is sitting in the chair if they’re uncomfortable it is likely to be distracting and cause a loss of productivity.

4. American Designers Created A Comfortable Office Chair For A Different Reason Than You Might Think

Although it is a common idea that improvements in the comfort of an office chair were designed to help employees be more comfortable at work, this is not the original reason. In fact, many employers felt that if the office chair was more comfortable then the employee would spend more time in that chair and that would lead to increased productivity. It is now known that it is better for the employee to get up out of the chair at least once an hour for a few minutes for health reasons.

At the time that comfort was first contemplated for an office chair, however, it was not for the sake of the employee but rather for the sake of productivity. It is now known that a comfortable office chair does increase productivity but rather than being because the employee spends more time in the chair it’s more because being comfortable allows them to focus better on their work.

5. Office Chairs Are Now Designed So That They Are Suitable For Almost All Adults

With the many advancements that have been made in office chairs, it means that they have a variety of adjustments that can make them suitable for almost any adult. We now know that ergonomic office chairs provide comfort, help to maintain health, and can increase productivity and for this reason, quality office chairs have adjustments that can be made in their height, their back support, their neck support, and even in the seat so that it provides the comfort and support that the adult needs.

6. Arms On Office Chairs Were Once Thought Unnecessary

In the past, the typical office chair did not have arms. It was believed that this would prevent it from being able to get close to the desk and reduce productivity. It is now known that arms can add additional support to the chair and can add support to the user and this increases productivity. Because of the advancements made in chairs, the arms can be adjusted so that a person can access their desk easily while having the added benefits of arms on the chair.

7. A Quality Office Chair Improves Productivity

Poorly constructed office chairs can cause injury to an employee. It can also lead to the employee experiencing pain. A quality office chair, on the other hand, protects the employee which increases productivity.

8. Chairs Are Now Made To Fit The User

In the past, office chairs were designed to be one height and had no adjustments. Modern office chairs can be adjusted to fit the user. This helps them be more comfortable and keeps them healthier which improves employee morale and increases productivity.

9. Office Chairs Can Now Fit The Style Of The Workstation

Instead of having to get a chair that would be used in every type of workstation, the new designs allow you to get chairs that are specifically made for the style of workstation they will be used in.

10. Quality Office Chairs Cost As Little As $0.40 A Day

Many people believe that quality office chairs are too expensive. But based on some estimates it has been determined that a good quality office chair can cost as little as $0.40 a day. The reason for this is that good quality last longer and increases productivity. This means that you’ll get more out of it and for a longer period of time.